Holy Family School for the Deaf 

The decision to bring to completion the amalgamation of St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s Schools for the Deaf, Cabra was taken by our Patron Arch Bishop Diarmuid Martin in December 2015. This process was fully completed and the Holy Family School for the Deaf opened it’s doors on the 01 September 2016.

The school provides for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children from age three in the early intervention classes, through Primary and on through Post Primary.The school provides mainstream curricular provision across all sections of the school with extensive differentiation for the special language and communication needs of Deaf pupils. Early Intervention at the Preschool for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children came under the remit of the Department of Education and Skills and subsequently the management of the Holy Family School for the Deaf. There is a close and supportive collaboration between the school and St Mary’s and St Joseph’s Boarding Campuses.

Visits by appointment are very welcome and applications for admission remain open throughout the school year.







bilingual approach is used, incorporating both spoken language and ISL, which is based on the needs of each individual child in consultation with the wishes of parents.

Levels of deafness vary among the children and many of whom have received cochlear implants, or are currently undergoing an assessment of their suitability for implantation.
A number of the children present with additional disabilities, such as a mild general learning disability, dyspraxia, behavioural difficulties etc. and applications for admission in such cases would be considered on a case by case basis in accordance with the resources available.

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Deaf Education Centre


The Deaf Education Centre started in June 2011 with the broad aims to:

  • Establish a resource for parents, professionals and members of the Deaf Community where they can receive information and advice on deaf education
  • Improve links across existing resources enabling organisations to work together and
  • Produce research on the area of deaf education and use that research to support and develop best practice.

In August 2011, the Deaf Education Centre got its first home on the Marian Campus. The building now has 3 main offices, a professional resource room and a family room.
Since its inception, the Deaf Education Centre has worked on a number of major projects as well as providing ongoing advocacy work to parents and professionals.

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