Governance Structure

CIDP is a company limited by guarantee. The company is governed by a Board of Directors operating under the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

The Board comprises of 11 nominated individuals, each of whom bring specific expertise to the Board table. The Board operates under the Presidency of the Archbishop of Dublin and the Chairmanship of Geraldine Tallon. Most Board members are nominated by the Archbishop.

The Board have appointed an Chief Executive Officer currently Keith Adams.

The Board meets 6 times a year and has one full day strategic planning meeting every second year.

The Board also operates four sub committees who report into the Board itself namely

  1. The Audit and Finance Committee
  2. Safeguarding Polict Committee
  3. The Remuneration and Appointments Committee
  4. Governance & Risk Committee


The Board has representatives on the Board of

  • Deaf Village Ireland Limited
  • The National Deaf Sports and Leisure Company Limited which trades as the Inspire Fitness Centre in Deaf Village Ireland.

CIDP mangers meet as  a Management Team every six weeks. CIDP also operates a DLP meeting structure which includes the Diocese safeguarding team

The CEO attends and reports in writing to each Board meeting and facilitates the work of the various committees.

The School Principal and the coordinating Chaplain are part of the Management Team, their direct report is to their School Chair of Board  of Management and the Archbishop of Dublin respectively.

CIDP produce mostly management accounts and all operations are audited annually by an external audit firm, the results of which are published.
The core staff at the administrative centre of CIDP is small, namely

  1. CEO
  2. Financial controller
  3. Financial accountant
  4. Administrative Support
  5. Facilities manager
  6. HR Co.Ordinator

CIDP carry all required insurance policies and operate in line with the requirements of the soon to be published Charities legislation.

CIDP has signed up to the Governance Code.